Joan M. Murray, MSW, LICSW
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker


My name is Joan Murray, LICSW. I provide clinical social work services in a professional, non-handicapped accessible building in Salem, New Hampshire. The office building has an array of other professionals sharing waiting area space.

My practice is goal-oriented, utilizing multi-modality, client-specific interventions. I work with a variety of age groups in individual, family and couples therapy. My areas of specialty include Child and Adolescent, Trauma and Loss, Mindfulness and Stress Management, ADHD, Behavioral Disorders and Mood Disorders. I have a strong background in working with children with special needs in the educational system and expertise in trauma work. My treatment philosophy lends itself to networking and referring to area doctors and psychologists for evaluations, in order to assist in formulating correct diagnoses for educational planning, as well as for assessing the need for medication and ongoing treatment management.

I have been providing therapeutic services for the past 32 years in community-based adolescent treatment facilities, community mental health, school settings and in private practice. My office hours are flexible, including evening sessions as needed. I am also available for appointments for crisis evaluation per the client, family or schools.

During the initial appointment we will review the mental health rights of the client, including confidentiality, duty to warn and duty to protect. If the appointment is for a child (minor), the initial session will be with parents in order to review procedures, process of therapeutic services, policies and confidentiality as it relates to a child/adolescent in treatment. In addition, clients and/or guardians will be signing a form for consent to treat.

In closing, through my years of experience I have gained an understanding of various mental health illnesses and the impact on the individual and family. In addition, my strong background with trauma and loss provides a foundation for work with grief and healing. I have an ample array of strategies and interventions to assist clients and their families in understanding their diagnoses, offering supportive treatment and case management services.


Shyne-Murray Counseling Services

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Shyne-Murray Counseling Services
130 Main St., Suite 201 F & G  Salem, NH 03079    P. 603.216.9244    F. 603.898.4563